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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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. we're live in santa rosa with a young woman says she was kidnapped and beaten and sexually assaulted in three weeks inside a house, we'll tell you how she escaped. an over night fire destroys cars in an oakland body shop, measures that made it difficult for firefighters to get to the flames, ahead on mornings on 2. this is mornings on 2. it is 7:00, we are live at a home in sanoma county where a woman claims she was captive for three weeks. coming up in minutes, police are saying about the case and how the young woman she says
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she was able to make a break for freedom. welcome once again to mornings on 2. it is friday, february 20th, i'm tori campbell. i'm dave clark. steve paulson is ready for your forecast. a lot of fog coming in here, everybody reporting that, will lift by this afternoon, there is signs it will burn off sooner than it did yesterday, temperatures will warm up a little bit, change is on the weekend, low drop into the picture will give snow showers to the sierra nevada, not until sunday, for us a breezy cooler pattern, get rid of this fog, front an center this morning, there will be a little band coming through here tonight, this afternoon i should say. and visibility is the big issue here, about a quarter of a mile for some, a mile and a quarter to three, so it is kind of fluctuating around, 50s on the temps, 40s for a few. those 40s, that's above yet 56, a little bit warmer pattern.
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48 lake port, and 53 in windsor. a much cooler pattern moves in on the weekend. once the fog picks up, a little bit. 60s to near 70 degrees, a couple 70s here, santa rosa, and san jose. all righty, sal. anything new on 7 a.m. here? yeah, we do have a new crash, steve, i'm going to do to it right here at the bridge toll plaza, it is a new accident blocking lanes westbound, you can see it here, the traffic is kind of going this way, as you drive through, let me get rid of this curser for you, the accident is basically singling down traffic to one lane westbound on 580 so you can come this way, but these two lanes here are blocked and the traffic is going to be slow. you can see that there may be what, two or three cars getting through? this is going to cause a big back-up on 580 as you drive
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through. you need extra time here at the toll plaza. traffic in oakland, this traffic looks okay. we've had the traffic a little bit slow at the bay bridge toll plaza, we can go to that now, traffic at the toll plaza will be backed up for a 25-minute delay. if you're thinking about the south commute, northbound 101 is showing slow traffic, we had an earlier accident on southbound 680 that has been cleared from the lanes. 7:03. a possible kidnapping investigation is underway in sanoma county, yesterday afternoon a woman walked into a police station, saying she had escaped from a home in santa rosa. we're outside that home on stony point road with more on that woman's story, good morning, tara. >> reporter: well good morning. the 22-year-old woman says that she escaped through an open door, she says she was being held against her will behind
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this gate that you see here, there's a cluster of homes behind it. she said she was held here for three weeks where she said she was beaten and sexually assaulted. the main house sits on 2 acres of land, has a lot of outbuildings and trailers. there are pictures from the press democrat we want to show you, they show the deputies swat teams, and state patrol agents swarming at the home yesterday afternoon, several people were detained. the victim says she was able to escape after they left a door open after the house, and she was held up at gunpoint three weeks ago. then her kidnappers brought her here. we're trying the talk to neighbors, we've also reached out to authorities to try to get some more information, soon we do, we'll look to pass it along to you, back to you. all right. thank you, tara. all right 7:04. oakland fire crews battled a
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fire at an auto body shop hours ago, first they had to get inside. around 2:00 this morning, firefighters rushed to a fire at 78th avenue and international boulevard getting to the flames, that was hard, because of a heavy locked gate there, other security measures, plus the flames were spreading fast. >> having to go into something like this, just a number of combustibles that you got, plus you have the fuel that's in the cars, so any numerous amount of things that you go in constantly as you go. >> two cars inside that auto shop burned, but the cinder block walls kept the flames from spreading to near by buildings. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a high school student in concord who was tazed for acting out in school is now facing criminal charges. officials say the teenager at the high school was yelling and threatening people yesterday. a security guard tried to calm him down, but when that didn't work, the guard used a stun gun
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on the young man. the student was treated at the hospital and then arrested. he's been booked on suspicious of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. it is 7:05. an alert for east bay drivers, caltran will be closing the tunnel for a drill tonight. the new fourth westbound direction will be closed from 10:00 tonight until 4 a.m. tomorrow. westbound traffic will be routed to the third, and drivers may expect to see delays, both eastbound lanes will be open. first responders will be practicing how to handle a crash inside the tunnel. involving smoke and fire. caltran is required to hold a drill each year, this will give them a chance to test technology by the fire hydrants and escape passages. the transformation is almost complete at levi stadium, theturf has been replaced with ice for the shark's outdoor stadium series,
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match up with the l.a. kings having. you can see this is covered with insulated tarps, this is also staged set up with the festivities, lots of greenery was brought in, the game is going to be on saturday, tickets are sold out for this hockey game at the box office around 70,000 fans are expected to be here to watch the san jose sharks take on the l.a. kings in this outdoor arena settings. you're looking at a time lapse how levi stadium was transformed, they have been maintaining the ice throughout the week, it's been a challenge because of the humidity and warmer weather, they are confident it will be ready by the saturday's match-up, which is a regular season game. the rivalry between the kings and sharks is intense and they are battling it out for a play- off spot. having the game indoors brings hockey back to its roots and
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not something fans are used to seeing since they play in indoor arenas. >> it is going to be a battle. it is going to be fun. it is going to be an awesome game. it is my job to make sure these guys are playing on a great surface so the fans get an awesome game. >> right before the game there is going to be an outdoor festival with games and booths, bringing in grammy award- winning singers melissa ethridge. they will be using their phones, the phones will be able to go into a multi-colored light show for everybody to see. both teams are going to get a chance to practice and get a feel for the ice, back out here live you can see we started seeing signs of life. looks like they are bringing in sod. we've brought in greenery because there is quite a distance from the actual rink
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from the first seats just so that people, it is more of a site line perspective so that people can see the rink at an elevated angle, i'm not sure exactly what they are doing, but again, this place we're going to see a lot more activity here wen the sharks get to practice. the families will get to skate with them on the ice this evening and everything starts tomorrow at 4 p.m. and then game actually starts at 7:30. back to you. looks like a lot of excitement there. all right. thank you. it is 7:09. today major league baseball is expected to announce 3 rule changes designed to speed up games. that's according to fox sports. they establish a game committee last year, tested different rules during the arizona fall league, starting this season a manager must challenge a re- play from the dugout and not walk out. and they have to keep one foot
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in the batter's box unless there is a foul ball or wild pitch. and they have to resume once returning from a break. bruce is expected to be released from an arizona hospital today. the 59-year-old under went a procedure to insert two stents in his heart. he experienced discomfort after under going his annual physical on wednesday, when he experienced further discomfort, doctors recommended he go to the hospital. before he went he conducted his briefing here, he was kind of joking with reporters about an internet article that ranked him 29th out of 30, on the list of the best looking big league manager, second from the bottom. last night he joked in a text message, quote, broke my heart when i got that. at least he has a sense of humor. we should wish him well. i do wish him well. time is 7:10. the oakland raiders threatening to move to southern california again. the new details we're going to get today of the raider's plan
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to partner with a san diego chargers on a brand new stadium. like, wow, what's wrong? why a teen's urgent request is getting national attention up next what he did next that touched parts all over the world. we have an injury crash approaching the richmond bridge westbound 580, a motorcycle down, you can see the fire department has arrived and almost all of the lanes are blocked here as you drive passed the scene we'll tell you what this is doing to traffic coming up. foggy friday morning forecast, there are signs of sunshine later today and changes on the weekend. last weekend was record setting warm temps, not this weekend.
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. good morning, the time is 7:13. we have an injury accident blocking several lanes at the richmond bridge, westbound 580 right before the toll plaza you can see right here at the top of your screen most of the lanes are blocked and traffic is slow as you drive through the area, i want to show you how slow you can see that's where the crash is and traffic is backing up now, coming out of richmond as you head out to the toll plaza, so please give yourself extra time. we have a traffic update just minutes ahead. all right. thank you, sal. 7:14. 2 investigates has learned of
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allegations of embezzlements of a police officer, mike evans was treasure of the pride alliance which represents lgbt employees in the department. heather helms received a tip that the bank account was more than $12,000 short, holmes learned that bank statements traced the unauthorized activity back to the only person with access to the account, that would be mike evans. >> it wasn't just a one-time i borrowed money for whatever, it was many, withdraws and checks and things. >> this former pride alliance board member asked we conceal her identity out of fear of retaliation, she told heather while she is disappointed, she is also upset by the pace of the police department's investigation. let's just cover it up. act it's fine, protect the treasurer that did this, it is
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just outrageous. the case seemed to stall until ktvu started asking questions. we were told the case has been sent to the district attorney. in the meantime mike evans was allowed to resign from the force, he will only lose his benefits if convicted of a felony. a retired police officer from hurcules is in jail this morning faces charges in adrive- by shooting were shots were fired. 47-year-old john is charged with making threats. he drove to his ex-wife's house and fired the shots but his estranged wife who was asleep was not hurt. a week earlier he threatened to kill her so she got a retraining order. >> i cannot speak for him, it could be a sign of mental illness, or some might suffer
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from ptsd. >> a bail is set at almost $1.8 million. mike honda is speaking out about his transgender grandchild. the south bay representative got a lot of attention with his tweets on wednesday. he said as a proud grandpa, he hopes his 8-year-old granddaughter can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied. congressman honda says melissa started to identify as a girl at the age of 2. >> people say that she was born a boy while the gender was put on her by the doctors who did the certificate, she was born melissa. and she identified herself when she could speak as a girl. >> now congressman honda says his family has been on a journey of acceptance and support. he says his tweet was meant to open up a dialogue. 7:17. there is developing news this
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morning regarding the affordable care act, we just learned the obama administration has announced that 800,000 people who signed up for coverage through the website received wrong tax information and that mistake could delay them filing, filling out their 2014 taxes. this announcement comes on the heals of covered california administrators saying a similar problem is affecting about 100,000 covered california applicants. pam cook is following this story, we'll have a full report at 7:45. 6 dogs in chicago are now warming up in their homes after spending a cold night in a stolen van. the dogs were inside a doggy day caravan when the driver was carjacked at gunpoint. the van was found less than 24 hours later. the dogs owners have feared for the safety because of the temperatures.
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the dogs were abandon say they are still searching for the carjackers. >> give your dogs a little extra warm hug. our commute is not okay, sal has a big traffic problem here following. >> that's right, dave and tori, it's on the bridge, we're going to start there with a live picture of the crash you can tell is blocking almost all of the freeway here as you can see traffic is going to be busy, you can see only right here is where cars are getting through down to one lane and the injury accident is, these two lanes are normally open, closed here and it is causing a big delay fire department and medics are on the scene a motorcyclist involved here and chp is also there. it is causing slow traffic approaching the richmond bridge coming out of richmond a lot of people have been trying to get to marin county, it will be unusually slow until you get passed the accident, after that it looks okay. >> and there is a crash here, causing distraction even though
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it is not blocking to many lanes you'll see slow traffic from at least highway 92 heading on down. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a backup of 30 minutes before you take it, once you make it on to the bridge it looks good, this does not look like friday lights. it's 7:19. a lot of weather, fog, overcast here in oakland, steve. almost every reporting station at 7 a.m. says fog, coastal variety inland variety and kind of come together if you will. and giving us a gray morning. visibility is okay, there is some reduced visibility, you can actually see the line on the coast, there is a weak little system, a little low off the coast moving south, once that goes south we'll get more of a northernly breeze, should take care of this fog a little later. a weekend change, cooler and breezy, and maybe some light showers here, more likely light sunday into monday for us, there will be some sierra snow showers as well. we'll take whatever we can get
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in the mountains that's for sure. not much here, a high band of clouds in southern california right there, further south so they really won't make much of a march north, we're out of that band. but the low clouds are in place and visibility is mild, quarter of a mile to two to four miles out of fair field, tends to thicken up around 7:00, 8:00. 50s on the temp. 45 degrees, 47, 46, to 45. mid-50s, most of the morning, few upper 40s, black hawk at 49, a lot of low 50s alamo, and lafayette. your friday morning, and 52, pittsburgh, usually there is a little difference, runs a little warmer. 27, 50s for many,38 degrees, 61 in san diego. the cold air is actually being modified now, out towards st. louis and omaha, it is moving, chicago detroit, there is areas in michigan, 29 below at port
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huron this morning. new york, 8, the wind chill is 12 below, philadelphia, 11 below, washington d.c., 4 below. 14 below in cleveland, 17 below. pittsburgh, 13 below, detroit at 3 below. 17, about 30 below. there's the higher clouds, that little guy right there, that's why i like to show you the water vapor. as it goes south that will allow a little bit of a northernly breeze. we're watching a system develop coming out of the utah, nevada, high pressure is building, they are talking about sunny and warm weather, as that high builds north that's going to send back retro grade back a low settling over northeast california, and over us, maybe the north baby monday. and our temperatures will take a pretty good little plunge, the low, depends where it's set up. the north bay that wouldn't be until sunday, monday. it will be colder, watch out it
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develops here in the sierra nevada. any travel plans up there, not saturday, on sunday, right there. some of that backtracks towards the valley and also towards san jose and santa clara valley. something to keep an eye on sunday into monday, there is actually measurement amounts here. .02 through monday, actually, that's when it will end, sacramento, .13. the cold and the wind. fog overcast, and the sunny afternoon might take awhile. that breeze a pick up later. 60s and 70s, foggy up in clear lake. 72 degrees, cold up in cobb, i note 36 there. 60s and 70s, 70, upper 60s for some, a lot of very close temperatures here a little bit warmer, not that much. 50s, 60s to near 70 degrees on the coast and then mostly sunny saturday, windy and cooler, possibility of some showers on monday. >> really.
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>> yes. >> just a brief little, okay. >> i think you'll notice the cold and the wind. but the sierra will get snow showers up there. okay. >> time is 7:23. all right, there is a call to arrest a famous disney character. they want to put queen elsa under arrest because of the snow and frozen temperatures. there is -- last scene wearing a blue dress, known to burst into the song, let it go. fans of the movie frozen, yeah, that song. make note that queen elsa has the power to create winter weather. and the kentucky, they blame here for the cold weather. shortly after they posted that fake arrest warrant, the police posed a second message, it read, all kidding aside, people should take the weather seriously. be careful and let it go. >> let it go, yeah.
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try to stay warm. a virginia's high school students amazing actions to help a student in a bitter cold is netting a lot of attention. he was riding a car with his mom earlier this week when he passed a 76-year-old man with a walker trying to shovel snow. tommy yelled out for his mom to go back, he got out of the car, took the shovel and cleared the drive way. tommy's move was moved to tears by his son's gesture. to tommy, helping the stranger was no big deal because that's the way his mom raised him. >> i play sports, i like to help people, i stay in my books at school, try to live life the right way. >> good people. good people. >> tommy's mom put a photo of her son shoveling the snow on facebook and has gone viral. he's been get ago lot of kudos from strangers even the virginia governor gave him some love on twitter saying proud of
7:25 am
virginia residents like tommy adams showing what it means. it's just so moving to see, to help him out. >> give him a hand. >> exactly. time is 7:25. a first grade teacher gets praises too, she steps up to help a young student in need. >> he deserves to come to school every day, he deserves to play sports to learn and not have all the restrictions he does. >> i love this. coming up in our next half hour, her gift that's giving him another chance at life. but first, getting ready for the next big one, the surge in interest for a class that helps you protect your home.
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at monsanto, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, balanced meal. and a future that sustains us all. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at . welcome back to mornings on 2. remember that big earthquake in napa? people are thinking how to retro fit their own house. they have a workshop teaching everybody they need to know for
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protecting themselves from quake damage. they have been giving the class for at least 20 years, the interest always goes up after a big quake. the most recent workshop started last week, the home work, that includes going down into your crawl space, and taking some measurements. >> i told him that if we saw anything with legs, i was out. >> that class takes homeowners right through the permit process and then they can either hire someone to do the work or do it themselves. 7:28. tracking you down with your cell phone. the controversy new program that could be coming to santa clara county. >> and the raiders eyeing a move once again to southern california, the disappointing news for fans this morning, we'll tell you about the deals that is potentially in the works involving the raider's bitter rival, that story coming up. injury crash affecting the morning commute as you drive
7:29 am
westbound on the richmond bridge down 1 lane before the toll plaza here, we'll tell you what that's doing to your commute. coastal variety fog inland, reducing visibility on this friday, we're looking for a change on the weekend, it will not be warm this time.
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. time is 7:32.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday, february 20th. i'm tori campbell. i did check weather, i just went out, not too cold, notsunshine sunshiney. we had a big change coming in, most of it will arrive on sunday into monday, but today we start off with the fog, there is a lot of fog, almost every reporting station at 7 a.m. says fog. and in fact some of them say, that's it, that's fog. coastal variety, also inland a combination of the two giving us a very gray morning. high clouds to the south, there is a weak little system dropping down the coast keeping most of those to the south. visibility about a half mile to a mile to two and a half, so it's been moving all over the place but seems to be decreasing. 45 nevada, the coldest, 50s for everybody else. 50 in napa, 57 la honda.
7:33 am
and 54. foster city. and belmont, palo alto. and as it gets further south, we should see a northernly breeze kick in, we start off very foggy, late morning early afternoon, a little bit more of a breeze, 60s to near 70 degrees, richmond bridge, we still have a delay getting to the span steve, good morning to you, let's go right to the live picture of the bridge we have coming west towards marin county. we have two lanes blocked getting a little bit more traffic in there. they are moving the minor accident to that fast lane that's blocked still causing a delay in the area and westbound 580 backing up for at least a couple of miles. the only good news is the injuries were minor not major. they also want to mention that 880 southbound is slow as you approach dakota road because of accidents blocked up to highway 91. and doesn't look too bad once
7:34 am
you're on the bridge, 25 minute delay here, no problems once you make it on to the bridge. 7:34. let's go back to the desk. could the oakland raiders be going south to southern california again in just a couple hours the raiders will be talking about possibly moving to the stay of carson right there, just south of l.a. near the freeway. ktvu fox 2 is live in oakland right now, you're getting a reaction from the raider nation, good morning alex. >> dave, good morning to you, it is no secret raiders fans are not fond of the chargers now it appears these two bitter rivals are working together trying to build a stadium down in southern california, this would be a stadium that the two teams would share potentially, it would be privately financed about $1.7 billion is the price tag here. we're showing you artist renderings of this stadium. again about 15-miles or so south of downtown l.a.
7:35 am
the raiders and the chargers have reportedly bought a 160- acre site right there in carson, they've hired an architect and pursuing a ballot initiative to get approval for the stadium. they are unable to get a new stadium built in oakland, the teams have been exploring other options for quite some time. fans say they are heartbroken to hear about the possibility of the silver and black leaving again for southern california. >> i love going to a stadium hanging out with the guys, sitting in the parking lot, having all that gear on, having fun, watching them win or lose, i'm still going to watch them. still that don't make any sense, why would you want to do that? this is your home! >> keep in mind this is far from a done deal here, both teams are promising to work in good faith for the rest of this year to come up with plans that will keep them playing in their
7:36 am
respective cities. oakland's new mayor believes the priority is to stay put and she'll be working on a deal. >> the raiders and the chargers issued a joint statement about this latest proposal which reads if we cannot find a permanent solution, we have no other options but to guarantee the future of our franchises and we do expect to get more details about this proposal when the raiders, the chargers, the team owners spend side by side later on this morning as a news conference that begins at 10:00 here in southern california. this is going to be an interesting day, alex savage live in oakland. we'll talk to you later. 7:36. later today the public will have a chance to hear details of a mobile phone tracking program. brian flores is live in san jose with a privacy concerns that are raised by this program, good morning, brian. >> hi tori, good morning to you, it is raising a lot
7:37 am
privacy concerns. they'll look for criminals as well as missing people, hopefully the concerns will be addressed during a meeting this afternoon at 1 p.m. at the sheriff's office. from what we understand the system will be gathering things like missing opinions, requiring data on criminal activity, the system could only be used to allow a depending upon the situation. it cobb used during life and death situations, the department says after it's been used the department would have to get a signed warrant by a judge. we understand the system is fully funded by the department of homeland security by the cost of over $500,000, we spoke with people here in the county, who were concerned the system goes too far invading privacy. >> i don't believe it. i think it is more just so they can have more control over people, period. >> he told me it was going to be a carefully-supervised
7:38 am
program with judicial intervention, used in a limited way, how do you argue with that? those things tend to very quickly expand and go beyond what was originally intended. i'm skeptical. now a similar system called a stingray is already being used in parts of the bay area, this is what it looks like from our 2 investigates story last year, the system works like a decoy cell tower where it tells them to connect to it instead of the normal cell towers. they can triangulate the system of a tower within nine feet, similar privacy concerns are also raised when that was brought out. the meeting is scheduled again, 1 p.m. this afternoon at the santa clara county sheriff's office. some of the people expected to attend include members of the naacp. the asian law alliance as well as staffers from santa clara county. back to you. thank you, brian. our time, 7:38. two people have been arrested by the san jose police in the killing of a security guard who was trying to stop a robbery.
7:39 am
he was working at a nightclub when he saw someone stealing a box of cigars. he rushed over to help, that's when someone in a get away car open fire. the 35-year-old father of two died at a hospital. the police have not released information about the suspect. police in palo alto, they are investigating the so-called crash and grab burglary in the bay area. two men backed a man into a camera store, they splashed plate glass windows, the owners said they didn't steal anything of much value, fixing the damage, it will cost thousands of dollars. police are also looking into whether the palo alto burglary is linked to a similar incident in mountain view. surveillance video here show two burglars arriving a van monday, february 9th, they smashed the door with a sledgehammer, pulled apart
7:40 am
several display cases, and stole equipment. it is 7:40. a new message that it is okay to go ahead and eat those eggs. cholesterol, according to new government guidelines may not be a big concern after all. experts say only 15% of cholesterol circulating in the body comes from what you eat. so reducing cholesterol in your diet really won't change your levels much. instead the dietary guidelines committee is recommending sharp new limits on the amount of added sugar because of the link to obesity. >> you actually need more sugar. >> the newly-proposed guidelines also suggest extra coffee is good. enjoying an extra coffee, even five per day is not a bad thing. for the first time the report considers the environmental impact on what americans eat knowing a diet with more plants
7:41 am
and less meet would generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions and use up less land, water and energy. is there racial bias on california school suspensions? new numbers from the state regarding black and white students. we are looking at at an accident with lanes that are still blocked approaching the rich man bridge. traffic looks like they are just about to clear that truck, coming up. a gray morning for many here, there are signs breaks in that weather, what about the weekend, change compared to last, that's for sure.
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. 7:44. we have news for people right in the middle of doing their taxes. pam cook is in the studio with an error that will cause delays in filing, kind of an interesting twist here, pam. >> the wrong tax information was apparently sent to 800,000 people in the united states that is the news this morning from the white house. and this comes on the heals of the announcement that 100,000 covered california customers were also given the wrong tax information, it basically affects people that receive a subsidy from the government because of their income level. if your income has changed it may not match what the government has and what was sent to you. nationally, the government is advising people to delay filing their taxes for the 2014 year
7:45 am
until the correct forms can be sent out, but that might not be until the end of the month. critics of course jumping in calling this another glitch in the president's obamacare plan. we understand another 50,000 covered california customers have probably already filed their taxes, they may have to resubmit their returns and people will be notified apparently by e-mail if there was or possibly a mistake. u.s. labor secretary tom perez issued an ultimatum to the two sides in the labor dispute. he wants the shipping companies and the doc workers to agree on the deal today or they'll have to move the walks to washington d.c. negotiations broke up late last night, reportedly there was only one remaining issue on the table, whether to change the arbitration system they use to resolve workplace conflicts. operations are expected to resum today at the port of oakland. yesterday they walked off the
7:46 am
job to attend a union meeting during the day-side shift. >> we need a settlement immediately. we need it now, we can't wait any longer. >> while the negotiations continue, billions of dollars of cargo sits on ships anchored outside the port of oakland and the 28 our west coast ports. now toyota, subaru and honda have been working around the dispute, honda announced they are reporting the production because they are unable to ship parts to assembly lines. it was cut by 20,000 cars, popular honda models such as the accord, civic and crv are affected. in some cases they are sending by air freight. at this point it is not clear whether consumers will have to pay more as a result, but often that does happen. >> it is such a huge story. >> there is so many ramifications to it. let's check in with sal, a huge commute problem this morning. >> we're going to go to the
7:47 am
richmond bridge, i'm just looking at that now and the lanes have cleared at the richmond bridge toll plaza, i just want to let you know traffic is going to be now busy at the toll plaza again as you drive through westbound 580 backed up for at least a mile approaching this span, this is because of an earlier accident that was blocking quite a bit of the lanes here on the approach to the richmond bridge. so please give yourself extra time, the lanes just open maybe 5 or 6 minutes ago, there were no major problems as you drive through. we're also looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be busy, this is napa crash and napa county and i'm going to have to apologize, i just lost the information here on my computer, we're going to have to get back to this just a moment. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. now i have to do that whole
7:48 am
control allot delete thing. alt delete thing. and 7:48. steve, save me. >> be happy to, sal. i know the feeling. we have a lot of fog out there, some of that fog is right down on the deck, going to give way to sunshine later today, temperatures will be cooling off over the weekend, you can see the fog out there if you take a close look. coastal variety, inland variety, so the valley fog will peel back coastal fog should get chewed up, a little low coming down the coast, foggy morning, weekend changes, what? cooler and breezy, the sierra will get snow showers, maybe some here late sunday into monday, might even be lingering into tuesday, as the low is going to backtrack in from the nevada area, actually utah, usually these are very dry, this one, might tap into a little bit of moisture, bears watching. until then we start off with that fog, visibility, mild, maybe some a little bit better,
7:49 am
some worse. 50s on the temps, everyone else been in the 50s kind of just steady as she goes because of that cloud cover. 48 scotts valley, and 57 degree reading. 51, 52 statewide, cold up in arcada. and 61 in san diego. cold, oh my goodness. modified air, southerly breeze taking some of those temps putting those eastward, it is the wind chills down to florida, tampa, 32, cleveland was 17 below this morning, wind chill now 13, pittsburgh 13, washington d.c. at 5, breaking the old record of 8 set back in 1896, eleven below in philadelphia,12 below in new york. there is a little low coming down the coast, a bigger one will work its way back towards us by sunday, monday. morning clouds giving way to shine later today usually when the fog down is in the deck, it burns off and lifts here.
7:50 am
that low depending where it ends up may not end up in the sierra, may end up in the north bay. a cooler sunday, if you are heading to some of that does get very close to the valley. san jose. will continue to rotate sunday into monday, measurable amounts forecasted, cup a little change here coming in compared to last week, that is for sure. fog overcast and sunny, light breeze now, picking up a little bit later. more so on the weekend as that system begins to move in. 60s and 70s, santa rosa, 70, and 70, and 60s for east bay here, everybody is close within 5 or 6 degrees. a slight warm-up, 60s on the coast, 60s in the peninsula.
7:51 am
mostly sunny, cooling down rapidly sunday, monday, upper 50s, low 60s, a possibility of some showers. definitely doing the windshield wipers coming in. can it be crazy hair day? >> i think more so on sunday. bruce bochy talking about his recent heart procedure, how he blamed this for his medical problems. and a four day school week up next the serious reason one school district is thinking about that change.
7:52 am
female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but hurry! sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday.
7:53 am
. the roommate, according to investigators woke up to see
7:54 am
kim standing over him with a knife. the victim was stabbed in the throat, he started struggling with the defendant, he was cut in a forehead, he was also cut in a shoulder as well. >> the victim reportedly ran through a shared bathroom screaming for his other two roommates to help but he fell down. investigators say that's when the victim was stabbed in the back before one of the other roommates called 911. kim then turned the knife on himself and slashed his own throat. he is expected to enter a employee next week. the victim is expected to survive. the san francisco is not backing down from the proposal to sign a morality clause. the archbishop sent a letter to california lawmakers asking them to respect his right to hire people who publicly uphold catholic teaching. er urging him to drop the
7:55 am
clause saying it is discriminatory and violates rights. and switching to a four day school weeks. apache junction saying a four- day school week would save money. and says help attract higher highland quality teachers who will accept lower pay for exchange for a shorter week. >> it is hard for us to be competitive. if you work in apache junction whether you're a superintendent, a teacher, a bus driver, you'll make less than if you work in another district. >> i think it is going to hurt working parents. i think a lot of children are going to suffer where nowhere to go. >> some parents say they would rather see a shorter school week than have the district shut down schools because of budget constraints. the school board voted to continue exploring the four-day school week option. >> that's a tough one. time is 7:55. just a couple of weeks a teacher from texas she'll give one of her students another chance at life. 6-year-old matthew parker here
7:56 am
his kidney started failing at 3 weeks old. he found out he is going to need another transplant. 80 people volunteered to be tested to see if they are a match. the perfect match was his first grade teacher, lindsey painter. >> so many people came forward trying to help him and i'm the one that gets to do it. i mean, i feel very lucky. >> painter says math you's insurance, it his insurance will pay for their surgery, but the coworkers are paying for her income for her recovery period. they are grateful someone came up to save their son. both matthew and his teacher should be fully recovered. what an amazing gift, that's really incredible. it is coming up on 7:57. in just one day, 24 hours a day, levi stadium will host northern california's first ever outdoor prohockey game after the break, we'll take you live inside the stadium, as
7:57 am
crews prepare for the big sharks/kings match up. we're live in santa rosa, we spoke to neighbors we'll tell you what they have to say about this. good morning on the bay area bridges, things are up and down for the bridge, traffic looks pretty good heading up to the high-rise. weather doesn't look very good with all that fog in it, some of the higher elevations, there are signs of a sunny friday, but not the morning hours, we'll have an update on your weekend as well.
7:58 am
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. welcome back to mornings on two, these are live pictures of a possible house of horrors here in santa rosa. these are live pictures where a woman says she was held against her will, beaten, and sexually assaulted for weeks. ktvu tara is there, she'll be here in three minutes with more on these disturbing allegations, the woman claims she was able to escape, stay tuned. good morning welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday, february 20th. i'm dave clark. good morning i'm tori campbell. a little bit of rain or showers in the forecast. >> sunday night, monday. more for the sierra than us, it will be close. also going to be colder and
8:00 am
windy on sunday into monday, after this fog lifts, enjoy the sunshine because change is on the weekend. it will start on saturday, not only the inland variety but the coastal variety they have definitely come together which means we have a foggy pattern here. even the areas fogs come up the hill, for some it is really socked in. higher clouds staying south, it is a tiny little band, some 30s this morning, a few 40s but a lot of 50s because they are stuck in the fog, about 1 to 2- miles, there are areas about a half mile. 50s on the temps, 46. 55 san jose, upper 40s for a few here, i know hillsburg, lake port, and 56 degrees, right there. a little low. once that goes far enough south the breeze should turn northerly. it settled over the north baby
8:01 am
monday. fog overcast may take awhile. morning looks pretty much sold out, the breeze will settle later on. 60s for most, isolated. especially santa rosa, that usually warms them up. >> that bridge is cleared steve, the good news is the crash is out of the way, minor injury crash, they were out there for awhile, but the bridge is recovering. if you're going to the bay area bridges let's begin with the bay bridge, you can see westbound traffic still backed up for a 25-minute delay before you make it on to the span itself. 10 to 15 on the bridge, and into san francisco. and traffic here looking good on southbound direction getting down to the airport out of downtown, northbound is slowing down, it is a little bit slow, from about the davis street exit up to high, i'm making sure i didn't miss a crash here, i don't see anything
8:02 am
being reported by chp. let's go back, oh, i almost forget you livermore. but 580 traffic looks good up to the interchange. now let's go back to the desk. >> kind of nice to see all that green in livermore. a swat team raids a home in santa rosa after the sheriff detectives link it to a possible kidnapping. terra joins us, you just talked to some neighbors what do theytell you? >> reporter: they say they were shocked to learn what may have been happening behind these gates a woman said she was being held against her will in a barn. it happened north of todd road, these pictures are from the press democrat and they show the sheriff's deputies swat teams and parole agents swarming the home yesterday afternoon.
8:03 am
several people were detainedded. we spoke to a neighbor thinking it was a drug bust because there is always a lot of traffic in and out of the compound. >> there is like a lot of people that come in, come out, and yesterday like swat team and a whole bunch of like the border patrol, they come in and they, everybody. >> the victim told deputies that she had been held at gunpoint in a rose land area three weeks ago, that's not too far from here. then her kidnappers brought her here where they beat her and sexually assaulted her. she said she was able to escape after her captors left a door open at the house, the neighbors say she must have run out another gate, we're standing out of this gate which was locked. neighbors say that that gate had been broken and open for quite some time, they believe that's where she ran out. live from santa rosa, back to you. quite a story there. all right. thank you, tara. it is 8:04.
8:04 am
new this morning crews battle a fire at an oakland auto body shop. first they had to get inside, firefighters were called on international boulevard, crews tell us getting to the fire was difficult because of the heavy locked gate and other security measures and the flames seem to be spreading fast. every time you go into something like this, there is a number ofcombustibles, you have the fuel that's in the car, any numerous amount of things. >> two cars inside the shop, saying the cinder block walls kept the fires from spreading to neighboring buildings. your time is 8:04. we have an alert, east bay drivers, caltran tonight, they are going to close the tunnel for a fire drill. the new fourth bore, it will be closed between 10 p.m. tonight and 4 a.m.
8:05 am
tomorrow. westbound traffic will be routed to the third bore, delays, yes they are expected. both on the eastbound bores will stay open. a first responders will be inside that tunnel practicing how to handle a crash in the tunnel involving smoke and fire. caltran is required to conduct this kind of a drill every year inside one of the bores. this gives them a chance to test out technology of the tunnel like the call boxes, the fans, fire hydrants and escape passages. the next phase of demolition is underway for the former home of the 49ers and it has someneighbors concerned. >> crews are now tearing down the exterior of candlestick, the entire process is supposed to take about 5 months. the demolition is noisy, they are more concerned about the
8:06 am
risk of tiny dust particles. >> all we want to do is keep the community safe. >> dust monitors have been installed but moore says the developer has not let community members check the monitors themselves. the developer tells us they do daily dust inspections and the bay area air quality management district says no asbestos issues have been detected so far. 8:06. levi stadium is almost ready to host northern california's first ever pro hockey game and thousands of fans are expected. ktvu fox 2 live at levi stadium, you're right inside, i know the transformation is almost complete. i'm looking over your shoulder and wondering, will you be going down there on the ice? you know, i was hoping i would get a chance to get on the ice, but it is off limits. the crews are protecting it here from the elements, you can see it is covered with
8:07 am
insulated tarps to protect it. check out what this looks like, you can see they brought in a lot of greenery, they are crews down there, making sure everything is fresh, spraying everything down, this is going to be quite an event here as they take on the l.a. kings the first game here in northern california and to get some more information about that, we go to jamie you're with the nhl. it's been sort of warm. >> we learned last year, we had to do it with warm days and cool nights. we had a great model last year, everything has been right on schedule. just looking at the field here, it looks like the seats are a couple hundred feet. >> is that a good thing or a bad thing? will people be disappointed? to be here with 70,000 fans
8:08 am
will be awesome and you'll see the players walk out up higher, you have better site lines everybody in the building will have a great experience. >> this will sort of bring hockey back to their routes. >> most players grew up on frozen ponds and backyard rinks, you can see it in their eyes and the intensity of the game is awesome. it is really an experience, the biggest regular season on the calendar for most of these players. thank you so much. he is an nhl spokesman. both of the teams are going to be out here on the ice to practice later and actually going to be bring their families to skate on the ice. the event starts at 4:00 until 7:00, game time at 7:30. one other thing i wanted to mention we've been told about
8:09 am
is there is this app, once everybody's phone is connected it is going to going to go into some colored show. with all the lights and everything, a lot of excitement here as they continue to set up for the big game tomorrow. >> i can't imagine all of that happening here, sounds great. thank you. time is now 8:09. meantime, giants manager bruce bochy expects to get out of an arizona hospital today. ktvu sports anchor talked to bruce's son. he told us his dad is resting and feeling good. the 59-year-old manager under went a procedure to insert two stints in his heart. he experienced discomfort, when
8:10 am
it happened yesterday, the doctors said he needs to go to the hospital. he spent extra time in the dugout, joking with reporters about an article on the internet that ranked him 29th out of 30 on a list of the best looking big league managers. >> oh, no. >> bochy jokes last night in a text message, that broke my heart when i got that news. >> honestly, looks don't matter. all that matters is who won the world series, he has three rings. >> he is looking good with his rings too. it is 8:10. threatening to move to southern california again, in 28 minutes the new plan by the oakland raiders to partner with a rival team on a brand new stadium. first, 2 investigates a former police officer accused of stealing thousands of dollars from its fellow officers after the break, the spending that eventually raised suspicions. good morning we're looking at the commute here and traffic is going to be okay on the richmond bridge. we had an earlier crash here
8:11 am
and the backup is still slow getting through the area. well we started the week off with record highs on monday oakland set a record high, now we have a lot of fog, it is a foggy friday morning, we'll see about the weekend. (little girl) no! 2 investigates for you every day, send us your story ideas. is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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8:13 am
. 8:13. 2 investigates learned of allegations of embezzlement involving a san francisco police officer. for four years mike evans was treasurer of the police
8:14 am
officer's pride alliance which represents lgbt employees in the police department. ktvu received a tip that the organization's bank account was more than $12,000 short. heather learned bank statements traced the unauthorized activity back to the only person with access to the account, that would be mike evans. >> it wasn't just a one time withdraw, it was many, many withdraws and checks. >> this former board member asked that we conceal her identity, she told heather while she is disappointed in the alleged embezzlement she is worried about the pace. >> protect the treasurer that did this, just outrageous the pride alliance's new board was reported last summer, but it
8:15 am
was stalled until ktvu started asking questions. yesterday we were told it was sent to the district attorney. mike evans was allowed to resign from the force, he'll only loose his benefits if he is convicted of a felony. bay air yo congressman is speaking out about his transgender child. saying he hopes his 8-year-old granddaughter could feel safe at school without being bullied. saying melissa started to identify a girl at the age of 2. >> people say that she was born a boy while the gender was put on her by the doctors, she was born melissa. she identified herself when she could speak as a girl. >> the congressman his family has been on a journey of acceptance saying his tweet was
8:16 am
meant to start a dialogue. a new report finds that african american students are suspended from school in california out of proportion to their numbers. usa today looked at data from the state department of education found the most common type of suspensions dropped last school year from nearly 350,000 to 200,000. african americans who make up 6% of the population account for about 20% of those suspension. white students make up 25% also totaled of 20% of willful suspensions. they are encouraging schools to find alternative to suspension. starting tonight some stanford's smartest students are challenging schools in a hack-a-thon. it will take part in a 36 hour competition, they are going to form teams, create new websites
8:17 am
and applications and organizers say the main goal demonstrate the importance of collaboration kicking off tonight. and we'll check in with sal and see how things are moving. i have to say traffic was heavy for a friday. >> we don't have friday light exactly anymore, but also had a tweet from one of my twitter followers and said his commute was light from the south bay area, in the campbell area. some computes are light, others are not. let's take a look at the richmond bridge westbound, you can see traffic still recovering. an earlier accident blocked a couple of lanes there before the toll plaza. we watched it clear but traffic is backed up for at least a mile approaching the richmond bridge. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up this is not friday lights, this is like a normal day all though getting better on the
8:18 am
ramp. still 20 to 25-minute delays. 880 southbound is going to be a little bit busy, look at 580, doesn't look that bad. the cross on the peninsula, 101, slower as you head south. we had that story about the stanford hack-a-thon. we that had these things called beer-a-thons in college where we would develop new ways to drink beer. >> look where that got you. >> we had the same. i just viewed it i never participated. we have a lot of fog out there, temperatures on the cool to cold side, nothing like the rest of the country, oh my goodness. part of the rockies really warming up. a lot of fog, coastal variety, radiation, fog, that's giving us a cloudy morning, they had reports from heyward hills and
8:19 am
santa cruz mountains, there is going to be a big change, a foggy morning, sunny afternoon, weekend change is cooler and breezy, colder and breezy with possible showers here sunday into monday, so any travel plans up there. last weekend we had 60s, not this weekend, a huge difference. the low is coming in from up here, they are talking about beautiful weather in british columbia, usually when it does it this time of year, you look for something to come underneath we'll see if something in the pacific can connect with that low. maybe changes for sure in the beginning and possibility of more rain. three quarters of a mile, santa rosa to about 2 to 3 to other locations fog holding there, 50s on your temps, 52 half-moon bay, alamo, black hawk at 48, 51 antioch, and that fog lifts, temperatures will bump up from yesterday, sticks and stays we say it will be about the same
8:20 am
as yesterday. 48 in monterey, but you can see where the modified air is beginning to make its move from texas to bismark. bismark is a balmy 36. it is the wind chill and the colder air moving throughout much of the ohio valleyly, 14 below in detroit, port huron, 29 below this morning, cleveland with 1 12 below. the low is five. new york city, 7, philadelphia, 7 below. high clouds to the south, a tiny little spin in the atmosphere. should be northernly breeze behind that. friday morning clouds, thick fog, clearing a little sooner today than yesterday. the lull again, it may closer to the bay area into monday. that bares watching here, usher in colder air, the wind will
8:21 am
crank up no doubt about it. the moisture might be moisture starved, it does pick up, right there sierra sunday, some of that does head closer to us, i think more likely on monday as some of that wraps back around. .02, san francisco, things are finally changing here as we head towards the last part of february. the breeze will pick up a little bit. 60s and 70s, this may be it on the 70s after today. all signs report to a more winter-like conditions, we've been spring like for a long time for crying out loud. the warmest winter ever in san francisco. >> oh yeah that famous quote. >> winter was summer in july or something in san francisco. >> the warmest winter i ever
8:22 am
spent was in san francisco. >> any accumulation in the mountains? >> some, more scattered, not like a storm or anything, there is going to be some snow in the sierra, i think we'll get something here sunday or monday. >> all right. time is 8:22. a major government error, this one involves the affordable care act, coming up in eleven minutes a mistake revealed by the white house, a little while ago, and how it directly affects almost a million people. plus getting ready for the next big one after the break the classes that could teach you everything you need to know about making your home earthquake ready.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
. 8:25. the napa earthquake last august is prompting many people to think about how to retro fit their own homes. the city offers a workshop twice a year to teach people everything they need to know to protect their house from earthquake damage. a city has been given the class for nearly 20 years, officials say interest always surges after a big quake. the most recent workshop started just last week, home work includes going down into your crawl space to take some measurements. >> we have not seen a single creature yet, fingers crossed. >> i told him if we saw anything with legs i was out. >> i don't blame her. they can higher someone to do the work or do it themselves. >> all right tori.
8:26 am
a greatstory. the amazing action of a student to help a stranger in the bitter cold there is getting a lot of attention on the internet. tommy adams was in the car with his mom earlier this week when they passed a 76-year-old man with a walker trying to shovel snow. tommy yelled for his mom, stop, go back there. tommy got out of the car, took the shovel from the gentlemen's hands, and shoveled the snow for him in his drive way. tommy's mom looked at this, just started crying. to tommy helping a stranger that's no big deal because that's the way his mother raised him. >> i play sports, i like to help people, i stay in my books in school, just trying to live life the right way. >> good people. >> sure looks like him. tommy's mother put a photo of her son shoveling on facebook, it went viral. he is getting a lot of praise
8:27 am
from strangers, even the governor of virginia acknowledged him on twitter saying proud residents like tommy adams shows what it means to be in in virginia. and after the break we'll tell you how law enforcement officials plan to use cell phones to help track down the bad guys. plus, disappointing news for oakland raiders fans as we learn about a new plan that could have the team headed south to l.a. to begin playing there we'll tell you about the stadium deal that potentially is in the works that involves one of their rivals. we're looking at the east bay and traffic is still slow in some areas like 880, look at that freeway. well, can we get a fog free weekend? yeah, i think so, because there is going to be changes, the breeze is going to pick up and
8:28 am
that will take care of it. we're starting with a lot of fog now, by sunday, may feel more winter like conditions when we return, more on that.
8:29 am
8:30 am
. welcome back to mornings on 2. your time is 8:30. it is friday, february 20th, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. a lot of fog out there, dave. you and i are from other parts of the united states, it is brutally cold there. for us we'll see that fog lift a little bit. there is coastal variety, also inland fog but not much up above. yesterday we had a will the of high clouds, i think that delayed the burning off of this fog, the high cloud deck is staying south, i would say it
8:31 am
looks cloudy most of the day, visibility kind of bouncing around about a half mile to four miles, so it should start to lift here by 9:00, 40s, 50s on the temps, honestly i couldn't tell you if these have budged since 4:00 this morning. and woodside at 50, 55 foster city, belmont, a little tiny guy. a little spin in the atmosphere. dropping south keeping the higher clouds to the south, a low will be dropping in from the north it goes over land and backtracks over us sunday into monday, that's going to usher in much colder air and snow showers in the sierra maybe for us late sunday into monday. today though fog then sun in the afternoon, might be the last day for 70s. sal have things calmed down quite a bit? >> things have calmed down we don't have anything major out there, we still have slow traffic steve good morning to you, we're looking at a compute here where traffic is going to be a little bit slow if you are
8:32 am
driving through the area at the bay bridge toll plaza, but it is improving you can tell as you get into san francisco this delay is about 20 minutes now it used to be a lot more. so things are improving. if you're driving on to the san mateo bridge soon there will be slowing approaching the plaza. but looks good heading out to the high-rise. this morning's commute is going to be okay if you are heading over to the peninsula, we want to show you traffic is going to be slow on 101 in san mateo. let's go back to the desk. thank you. the wrong tax information sent to thousands of people including californians. pam cook is here in the studio, who is affected and what they need to do. >> it is already a stressful time of year, this affects 800,000 people across the country and 100,000 people right here in california. this morning the white house announced that the wrong tax information was sent out to
8:33 am
some of the customers, comes on the heals of a similar announcement that 100 covered california customers were also given the wrong tax information. basically it affects people who received a subsidy. if your income has changed since applying for the health coverage, it may not match what the government has and sent to you. they are advising people delay filing until the correct forms can be sent out which may not be until the end of the month. if you are affected and you have already filed your taxes, you may have to resubmit or amend your returns. now the good news is they have announced an extension for people who face a penalty, you have until march 15th to april 30th to sign up, dave. thank you. time is 8:3. we're trying to con if i
8:34 am
recall for you reports that a deal may have been reached in the port labor dispute. they posted that a 5-year deal had been agreed upon, but it was then taken down minutes later. a source is telling the news that something productive happened during last night's negotiations between the shipping companies and the dock workers. another say a deal has not been reached. tom perez issued an ultimatum. they have to agree to a deal today or they are going to have to move the talks to washington d.c. we need a settlement immediately. we need it now, we can't wait any longer. >> reportedly the main sticking point is whether to change the arbitration system that workers and company use to settle any workplace conflicts. stay right here with us all day long we'll keep an eye on those
8:35 am
labor talks. time is 8:35. privacy concerns being raised in santa clara county over a cell phone tracking program. they are looking to a system that would allow deputies to locate people through their mobile phone signals brian flores is live where the public can learn more about this later today. >> according to the sheriff's office they say they would use this system primarily to look for criminals or maybe find missing people but there are privacy concerns being raised hopefully those concerns will be addressed during a public meeting scheduled for this afternoon. from what we understand, this system would be used -- as we mentioned as a missing person or acquiring data on criminal activity. the department says the system can only be used if a judge signs a warrant to allow it depending upon the situation, also be used for life and death situations, but the department says after it's been used the department would have to get a
8:36 am
signed warrant by a judge. we also understand the system is fully funded by the department of homeland security at a cost of just over $500,000. >> i don't like the idea of a lot of the government tracking but i think that horse has already left the barn. apple and you know priceline and everybody else know more about me than the government does as it is. and i think it is a federal level they are already doing an awful lot of this on individuals. >> a similar system called stingray is being used in other parts of the area. this is what it looks like from our 2 investigates story last year. itauthorities say the systems can track the system of a cell phone within 9 feet, as we mentioned similar concerns were also raised. the meeting scheduled to take place here at the sheriff's
8:37 am
office, 1 p.m. this afternoon, people expected to be here include members of the naacp. the asian law alliance and the members of the staff. the sheriff's department will give a report about the meeting to the county board of supervisors next tuesday. tori, back to you. thank you, brian. it is 8:37. in 90 minutes the oakland raiders will relocate to southern california. the project will be a joint effort with the san diego chargers to move both teams to the city of carson in los angeles county. ktvu fox 23 is talking to raider nation folks this morning to get their thoughts about their latest proposal. i can't imagine they are too crazy about the team heading south. >> the fans not too happy. i want to let you know i did speak a short time ago with the person that will soon head up the coliseum authority, he told me it is not time to panic but certainly a lot of pressure now to get a stadium built here in oakland as we find out the
8:38 am
raiders are working alongside their bitter rivals, the san diego chargers to get a stadium built in southern california. the teams will share that privately-financed stadium. the price tag, $1.7 billion. these are the artist renderings of that facility that could go up in the city of carson south of l.a. the raiders and chargers bought a 160-acre site there. they hired an architect as well. they've grown frustrated the team is exploring options in other cities for some time and local fans are upset about the possibility of the silver and black again leaving for southern california and then the idea of them playing alongside the rival charger, that just adds insult to injury. >> my heart is gone now, i hate san diego, san diego is like bottom pit, you know what i mean? it is not cool, it is not great, but what can we do about
8:39 am
it? i don't know how do they think? how do they think? >> the raiders and the chargers they've put out a joint statement about this latest plan which reads in part, quote, if we cannot find a permanent solution in our home markets, we have no alternative but to preserve other options to guarantee the future economic viability of our franchises. but keep in mind this is far from a done deal. both are working to come up with plans that will keep them playing in their respective cities and the county, just beginning their meeting a short time ago and this issue, these latest reports about the team trying to move to southern california will be front and center. that is getting underway right now, the two teams will be holding that news conference at 10:00 this morning. a story we'll follow throughout the day here on ktvu. meanwhile, an arrest
8:40 am
warrant out for elsa? in eleven minutes, saying they are looking for the popular disney character. >> look who is here? rick, the president and coo of the golden state warriors after the break, he'll have the details on the team's special debut tonight. good morning we're looking at a commute where traffic is still a little bit slow trying to get into the valley, on 237 as you drive over to 101 we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. a lot of fog, coastal variety, inland variety, giving us a sunny friday later on. but the weekend has changes, that won't be record highs.
8:41 am
8:42 am
. welcome back to mornings on two. we get to talk about this little team called the golden state warriors, the golden state warriors are set to to have new chinese uniforms tonight. rick, good to see you. >> hi, dave. >> this is it. >> how about that. this is beautiful. take a look. golden state warriors, new chinese new years uniform, talk about it as i show this off, rick, what do we have here? >> well, this is the first time tonight, that an nba team will be wearing a chinese new year
8:43 am
jersey, it is our color slate we introduced this year, also with the red, the gold, you see celebration of our chinese fans, warriors written across the front and of course we wouldn't forget the year of the goat on the sleeve right there. so i think our players are pretty excited to put this on tonight and we're really looking forward. >> it feels good, it is made for dave clark. >> the fabrication is so light now dave, i think maybe you could dunk. >> you know, that was cold, rick. it's cold. i love the idea. i love the, will this be good luck for the team tonight. >> well, we have not lost wearing slate colored jerseys this year, we're undefeated. we can use it against the san antonio spurs. you and i were talking about what an incredible time this has been even just the all star break. >> being in new york,
8:44 am
participating in all the all star festivities was an amazing experience for them to see them on the national stage really as never before for the warriors. this is the team everybody is looking to now, we're 42 and 9, best record in the nba. our team has a target on its back every night, with that record you know people really believe we're a contender. >> and they are darn good. you also talk about the tremendous fan base on the chinese community for the warriors. >> that's really the inspiration behind this, an opportunity to celebrate the chinese fans, here in the bay area we have three of the top five asian communities in the united states, the warriors have traveled to china, our players on their own have been traveling to china. the following for nba
8:45 am
basketball is absolutely extraordinary. it is the second in the united states for nba basketball. i wish you good luck for not only these beautiful uniforms, but the warriors against the san antonio spurs tonight. this is going to be good luck. i'm claiming it for you. you are wearing red tie. >> i'm with you, rick. >> president of the golden statewarriors thank you for being here. everyone is going to be rooting on the warriors. sal i understand rick here gave you all of the secrets to the warrior's success this season? >> i try to get it from him, he is very tight-lipped, he won't say. >> i like to picture on twitter. >> let's take a commute speaking of the warriors and 880 right near oracle arena tonight's game there, northbound 880 right now is a little slow i'm afraid driving passed the oracle area and getting into downtown oakland, not as light as we'd like it to
8:46 am
be, not too bad through the area you'll see a little bit of slow traffic after high street. better than 880 if you're trying to get into san francisco that is backed up. and on the peninsula, if you approach highway 92, we have slow traffic, for the post part the traffic driving into the valley has been good. the only slow spot i saw is 237. and 280 are noticeably lighter. let's go back to steve. we have still a lot of fog out there. it will lift late morning early afternoon temperatures today this will be the warmest for awhile because we have a very cold dynamic system coming in inland. it is going to change our weather as we head into the weekend, foggy morning sunny afternoon, weekend changes, saturday will still be okay, but then a low drops in and breeze picks up for here, snow
8:47 am
showers and a possibility of some of those late sunday into monday for us. higher clouds staying south for now, we have a lot of fog, the inland variety that will head back out to the valley for us the coastal fog will be retreating here, 50s for the most. scotts valley at 50. 51, morgan hill. 56, san jose. a little low, spinning right there, that moves south should get a little more of a northernly breeze, we'll keep an eye on a low drop, nevada, back over to the sierra nevada. clearing sooner today, than saturday looks okay any fog will get chews up pretty fast, the low will end up closer to us not over to the sierra nevada. and today, tomorrow, you're okay, watch what happens on sunday, that sunday, there you go popping up showers some back towards san jose, and even some of those i think on monday
8:48 am
could sneak into the north bay or east bay. there are a few projections to a 10th of an inch. i know we're getting excited over showers, it will not be 75 to 80. fog overcast sunny afternoon light breeze now but expect that to pick all little later. 60s and 70s, this could be scenario where sunday night into monday up towards here and the latter half of the weekend. 60s, 70s, areas with a little slow, but we'll see thosechanges when we meet again on sunday and monday. disney might have its first felon on its hands, it's actually a joke. police in kentucky issued a fake warrant for frozen queen elsa. the message reads it is a
8:49 am
blonde female last seen wearing a blue dress and is known to burst into the song weather go. she is very dangerous, do not attempt to apprehend her alone. they say the recent cold snap could be her work. of course shortly after posting the fake arrest warrant they posted a second message, all kidding aside, people should take the weather seriously and be very careful. >> it won't make you warm. time is 8:50. and making controversial remarks about president obama and after the break, the admittedly horrible things he had to say and how he is backtracking this morning.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
. welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 8:53. we are learning about a new plan to launch a massive operation against isis to retake iraq's second biggest city. isis fighter defeated iraqi forces back in june, they took control, now the white house is apparently giving the green light to a huge operation to retake it involving american troops and more than 20,000 iraqi forces. this seems to acknowledge that the current campaign of air strikes is not enough. >> the american people understand something, you can't just use air power, it is not working, we've learned that over and over again in many
8:53 am
conflicts including in bosnia. >> now another step in the fight against isis, they signed an agreement for u.s. and turkish soldiers to arm and train syrian rebels to fight isis. the two countries have been talks about this kind of agreement for several months, reportedly the training could start as early as next month at a base in turkey. according to cnn this morning doctors have removed bobbi kristina's brown breathing tube and performed a tracheotomy on her. they say it is common for those who need to be on a ventilator for an extended period of time. the 21-year-old daughter has been in a medically-induced coma following her hospitalization on january 31st when she was found unresponsive and face down in a bathtub. a source says there has been no other change to her condition. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani has been
8:54 am
receiving criticism for remarks he made over president obama. his response is drawing more criticism and some way it was crasis. giuliani was speaking at a dinner when he implied the president's background made him different. and says he does not believe president obama loves america. when asked about the remarks in an interview yesterday giuliani said this, quote, it has nothing to do with race, he was brought up with a white mother and white grandparents. 8:55. you know there was a macintosh computer followed by the power book and different versions of the iphone and ipad. apple will soon release a smart watch. and reporting apple wants to make cars. they are pushing its design team to start production of an electric vehicle as early as
8:55 am
2020. apple will challenge stars like tesla and general motors, tim cook is always looking for new avenues to explore an electric car could be the next great apple product. >> the icar maybe. >> icar. no icars on the road yet, let's check an sal who is keeping a close eye on the rest commute. slow traffic, not completely empty, it has been a little lighter on this friday, we look at the bay bridge, you can see if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, if you want to get into san francisco, is 885. if you have a fast track transponder, it looks pretty good. driving to oakland is going to be slow, especially right here in front of the coliseum. in san jose, lighter than usual. a little bit of slow traffic, you're going to notice it is much better than normal. 8:57 let's go to steve.
8:56 am
>> we had 70s and 80s, a much different story this weekend, fog then sun later today then mostly sunny saturday but turning windy and colder on sunday, possibility of snow showers, big drop on the temps. >> are we going to be more in average temps. >> maybe slightly below which is not something we've had not much of at all since early january. >> you have those people thinking about laying out on the beach? >> not this weekend. >> well that's our report for this morning, thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> watch us at noon for continuing coverage of a woman that says she was held against her will for three weeks in a santa rosa home. we're finding out about arrests they've made at that house we'll have that story at noon and more updates at 5:00 and 6:00, thanks for joining us.
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8:58 am
it's the disturbing scene of a boarding school beatdown.
8:59 am
>> this girl was hit 40 times. >> the video that stirred internet outrage and got the bullies busted. a b.a.s.e. jumper looks picture perfect. >> flying but not for long see what happened him rock and a hard place. >> getting a third breast wasn't always my plan. >> the three-bestreasted woman is breaking her silence. >> this is real. >> how she's milking her story by
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